Zenon Captures Yami – Asta and Yami vs Dante | Black Cover


Asta New Demon Form, Asta & Yami vs Dante Final Battle , Zenon Captures Yami – Asta and Yami vs Dante | Black Cover.
After all, Asta’s sword must hit him. [ __ ]! As I thought, I was just a burden! The results of my half-year training were completely useless in front of him! Make me funnier!

I have to use … ..

. all the power within me … .

.. including the powers I don’t even know! ..

. A demon ?! who are you ?!

Although I am the closest to you. Finally I remember. We have met before like this. Kill him ..

.. I’ll kill him! I could feel your anger earlier. You also want to hit him, right?
Asta and Yami vs Dante – Black Cover.
In the future, I want to keep doing it this way.

So, lend me your strength! Please! I will give you real demonic power. Therefore, I need to pay.

I’ll take part of your body. are you ready? Although I must have become a demon …

I must exceed my limits! If I couldn’t get past this, I wouldn’t be able to become a Magic Emperor! I will become magical emperor. I want to become someone who can live up to Captain Yami’s expectations! I’ll give it to you!

Gravity Magic … the power that I possess now! Fifty seconds.

More than 50 seconds, your body will not be able to hold it! Good boy! He looked a little wary with the attacks from Asta. If Asta attacks him hard, then I also ..

. … I must do more!

Asta …. Commander Yami!

continue … both of them ..

. they both move at incredible speeds. But they seem to be totally syncronized. Even though it was like this, they seem to be enjoying it.

Asta and Yami vs Dante – Black Cover.

However .

.. However, in the end …

… I will destroy everything And I win! Devil Destructor Sword.

I caught you! I am … .

.. Khalida! is over! 1 second you That is over!

We are the winners!.
Yami vs Dante Full Fight (60fps) – Black Clover and Asta and Yami vs Dante – Black Cover.
It’s okay, I’ll show you an exception, Yami Sukhiro. that is great. In this case, I’ll also show you …

… real power ..

. for the average person! Although we are watching so that we can attack the kingdom of Spade. Do I need help, Commander Yami? No, you cannot.

If you move He’ll kill me instantly! Demon Power: Where Does 80% Come From Mana, anyway? damn it! We users’ demons share power with demons from the underworld. If the gates of the underworld could not be opened, we would not be able to unleash 100% of our power.

The magic of gravity: The uniqueness of gravity! I’m only going to crush one of your legs. Hey, hey, something like that can’t just crush a stalk, right? Dark cloak Dimensional division! My diagonal diagonal has skewed!

Of all the oomph he used, this one was the strongest. As long as he can regain its attractiveness, I cannot lose the Black Moon. And my senses sharpened to avoid it! No waiting. I need a more accurate and powerful attack.

I’ll focus on one point. … can it be regenerated?

With demonic power, my ability to regenerate is even stronger! But I prefer to avoid using my body magic.

This means that I was so trapped. He is not human anymore. Death hole!

Your technique and fighting instincts are superior to yours But I can’t die! This world is neither rational nor fair! Whether it was someone talented or someone who trained hard In the end, I just need to destroy it, and I’ll win! I can’t get close to it! Move my body!

Commander Yami … Curse! No, I can’t win by fighting alone.

Hi … I can’t win without your help, lo!. Asta and Yami vs Dante – Black Cover.

Date: March 15, 2021