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SHUUDENGO CAPSULE HOTEL DE JOUSHI NI BINETSU TSUTAWARU YORU – [Music] Ahaha Hmm [music] I know what you look like now [Music] Ison isn’t you yet, Mr. Hatano, I’ll tell you today. Even if it starts, Pan and 6-4 are good, aren’t they? Watch Shuudengo. Capsule Hotel de. Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru.’ Season All Episodes Full HD Series I’m sorry I missed the last train because of you I wonder what to do I think high school is good Even though I couldn’t help it, yeah yeah yeah yeah my no someone is sleeping I didn’t get up at all-I came to Mr. Hanedano’s room Kimasae here Excuse me, can I borrow it from the charger Shuudengo Capsule Hotel de ?
Watch Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru. [2018] Season 1 Full Episode (S1E1-S1E12) Full Serial Stream
Oh, there’s an outlet on the back wall.
Defense that Hmmm [Shuudengo capsule hotel de joushi ni binetsu tsutawaru yoru] I know what you look like right now eh Guu that face Very stabbed part 2 [applause] Oops [music] Chatta Hall Yes Is it such a child? Skin I don’t mind if you wake me up No, I was in time to avoid Bach It’s just barely ready, come to the room together and the difference in skin Is it okay to be quick or far? I also gave strict instructions, but surprisingly there is now I’m glad I left it to you But it lacks impact Can you come and see me? [Music] I’d like a little skin That una got caught Come on along with me Is that a lie?

I have something to do Something [music] Oiso Wow, please wait I’m asking you I’m sorry, the prank is over [Music] Hata no Sa Yup I can’t break up yeah [Music] me 2 I would like to ask for this Sugawara costume this time.

Okay Excuse me Mr. Sugawara I I will make the best suicide note Hey, I was supposed to run to the parking lot If you stay wet, you’ll catch a cold. Wear my shirt After all it’s big, it’s kind of like Pajima I’m wearing my shirt ah ah ah It’s raining heavily in red The sound of my heart [Music] ni I want you to do this more I’m gonna catch a cold After all, let’s go high together Drink water Like a boyfriend without this situation Echo [Music] Hmm Aizawa-san I have ordered a lot of beads of the same type, but I could go to 50,000 instead of 50.

Please off What did Aizawa do?

I made an order mistake I’m sorry I’m responsible for this matter Skin I also bothered Mr. Hatano Hmm Fans Anu I’m really sorry for my fault I can’t help it even now Because you do a better job without thinking Anxiety Anxiety You’re anxious, aren’t you? I have a lot of first jobs and I have to put everyone together Eh pon There is a cute place. Not Tsuyogari Oops for good Was me Good It’s skin Is it no good If you’re old, you won’t be able to find a patrol. First of all, I can’t resist Mr.

Hatano in the morning There is a good possible company, so it’s perfect for the table Aizawa-san’s teacher I like this I was just scolded by Mr. Ochihatano. ni me All right [music] 4 Thank you The skin If you look complex several times Do you vomit Why Aizawa is a nation Did you complete it? Minori Oh I’m sorry I was sleeping I think you’re tired too No, it’s okay, don’t sell too much It ’s okay to spoil it once in a while You’re going to shoot, wasn’t it so feminine? Ngu Alf Hmm What a face Morning sickness I liked it and it was fun to go shopping with Mr.

Aizawa Sannu Kochi Basa Manager A little yes Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I couldn’t go to work for 9 years, but I can’t go to Seto City Please again [Music] I’m taking a detour, I’m not right now The guy who was making noise with Fanavi Cute girl, my hiding here Polan File a 4 [Music] I wanted to work rice for private use, so I’d like to collect it. I want to work in a place like this. Well, that’s another little voice I design when my hands are free. I told you that I also designed a man’s item I’m going to It’s a shame that it would be cool if you had a lot [Music] What’s your skin Handa-like a lover I’m glad Next year, I’ll go with the fireworks display [Music] I’ve been cheating for a long time About this person This is hey, I want to show a different feeling from k-kun so far If so, I wonder if the color here should be more flashy, so this one will be cooler, etc. [musics] Yeah, Aizawa is in a good mood Well, if you think about various things with Kei-kun, it might be fun.

Everything is really good, isn’t it? I’ll put up with the park Hmm me Hmm I have to prepare quickly k I want you to decide on a good show i Sour 3 Featured guy I’ll remove it from this show because the design is good The client decided that it wasn’t suitable for this show. This is this aim I thought about it with the military many times. I want the soldiers to stand on the stage in their particular costumes. [musics] I’m not selfish, I’m not making a work by myself ana Minori-chan [Music] k 9 I was wondering if I couldn’t help feeling depressed me Rubber [Music] Thank you very much Sunny Boots in the management of a hotel Medical system goes to such a place Aun I’m sorry I didn’t go out with you today-I just enjoyed it The comment cop doesn’t care because of my design When I started modeling, what I wanted to do was different from what people around me wanted Why do I have to sell?

Why can’t I do what I want to do? I don’t know what to say, but it’s best if someone is happy [Music] n ame me someone A story that pleases me I’ll get you to work hard for today’s skin I was so absorbed in designing that I forgot that I wanted to please a lot of people I understand the feeling of being denied what I want to do and maintaining it k I learned something important from you k I was there Nothing Ada Rosso Nakata Today I skipped work and was cheerful ah ah ah ah ana I’m doing a bad video Why should I help you with something that makes you feel like this? What’s that good thing Shut up, brother Oh, save me Hey i Do you think I’m in good shape Mr.

Hatano also thinks about that, isn’t he? But I’m a little glad that he showed me his weaknesses I can’t beat him Sequel Harder’s luck Haha Super The heat seems to make it easier Hey about me I say work person, but is it really that much?

You are If I tell you my feelings here now What will happen to this relationship [music] Aizawa Ah, when this project is over What I want you to hear I like this costume the most I think it’s the costume that I have the most fondness for.

I failed in my job and asked Mr. Hatano to follow me. I can’t be discouraged The seller is strong, who is different? I’m glad I was able to work with fruit because I was taught by the light sky Me too I’m Minori-chan, so I believed so far and I’ve done it Check This is Minori-chan like Mr.

Hatano, I don’t know yet It was so enviable that I wanted to see me I want to be with you in the future Because I liked Minori-chan [musics] I will listen [music] [applause] [Music] me Planned [music] t That’s why I’m too Nomi, you won’t practice tonight either Not good [Music] It’s Mr. Narita I’m sorry to confess to Kei-kun, listen to me first Like saying that there is something I want you to hear when the show is over I’m you Do you like to buy ran i I also like Mr.

Hatano For whatever reason k you are [music] I refused because there are people I like [music] Ngu Ah ah ah ah I’m sleeping The place of the lie, Mr. Hatano’s room has been closed. I know what kind of face I have now.

I will only show it to Mr. Annaka Hatano. I only do this for you.

Date: March 13, 2021