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When the elven woman needs your help | Anime enjo kouhai
First of all, the elf who is friendly to humans was the forerunner, and the princess Iris moved into this school enjo kouhai. Greetings on the first day First of all, it is excellent not to mention the study that everyone was fascinated by In the archery club that I just joined, I’m already an ace-class ability. A beautiful and gentle princess. All the students are her in space I took a shower I was surprised at the bathroom in such a place much more than I imagined enjo kouhai.

Is the teacher accustomed to such a place enjo kouhai?

I went for the first time I’m sorry I heard something strange No no lie at all good It’s the first time for me to ask for fire, so I’m emptied of blood The government started operation of the aid system. People who became supporters of taste selected from various conditions are obliged to work with them as juniors. Because the opponent is automatically matched by the machine I wonder if Iris is really good I think that making this is good news for the country as a teacher and a student I understand the feelings at best, but Mahayana chaos feeling first If you have any questions about Iris, please feel free to contact me enjo kouhai.

Thank you. No, but it will be difficult enjo kouhai.

Even elf and princess are making noise, and the heat care plan is forced to do troublesome work. I don’t think it’s awkward because she’s the same student, I’m sorry, because their culture and identity are all unknown. Speaking of manipulative treatment, elf is about the same as the version tableware, isn’t it? I don’t know if it’s okay, but I can’t keep silent on the cover, but when it comes to cultural differences. Well, that area will be balanced from now on.

Thank you for your car I’m sorry for the long meeting, and I’m ready now, so don’t worry.

1 As a result of avoidance Thank you for the picture is a good child star It is a great situation when you think about it A real elf princess with an exclusive escort I’m a little tired as expected Iris Yes It’s too erotic. Calm teacher b I think I’ve run out of manners in my body. After a while, I wake up naturally. It’s natural that it’s been climaxed seven times just today.

There is no need for a faceless apology The more times you have, the more likely you are to fertilize The dismissal of the previous conviction is the elf’s long-cherished wish. Actually, it’s still expired Even if you do that much, if you still do not have enough, you will still have a smart Anyone who sits there and wakes up will wake up if it’s shaken that much I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but if this is the case, I’d like to help Aegis from now on.

Makoto Umura There is no problem now. This person is Aegisti or Edellind. Because I’m my sister a Wow before I became my knight Was the first princess in the country, but my sister says that she has a tendency to get out of hand before words.

I’m not interested in the fact that I often agree to cause blade injuries in diplomatic situations. I was happy when I was told that it was beautiful, and if it wasn’t annoying, Iris No, could you extend it even in the middle of the world? So about 1000 years ago, the battle between dragons and humans ended and peace came to the world.

Chama Eggs 1000 years ago or 100 years ago, isn’t it a recent story? I’m asking for a slur, so can you be a little quieter during class?

If it’s a class, let me tell you something more amazing about Hashi. Ursula is a spicy guar dragon Pure who receives memory and ability from parent to child at the time of childbirth and has enormous knowledge by birth due to its characteristics It seems that I tend to look down on my arrogant affiliation Did the second princess come to receive such a vulgar thing? Was it wrong or did you come to leave the sound contest to get a seed? Tsukikawa lizard Hey, it’s okay to humiliate the world any more That’s where there is a disciplined dog If you want to continue beyond that, scratch the blackboard with all your might.

[Music] Cut off the excitement Hey Takagi, hang up and teach whatever race you are I thought I could understand each other Hmm Is it okay to drink orange juice or is there a kid-like liquor?

I don’t think there’s one, I’m sorry, don’t you think I’ll help you a little more than that? Ah, it ’s not a big thing to do, such as a ball child. I’m a teacher and 3 are students [Music] Today is eh Welcome, I will never help you because of your libido If you are asked, do you want to conceive all three people as many times as you like? Neither of them should make fun of the teacher too much I believe in the teacher I look forward to working with you render ano day

Date: March 13, 2021