Attachment Issues? 5 Ways to Address This Issue Head On With Your Partner

Attachment Issues? 5 Ways to Address This Issue Head On With Your Partner

Some degree of attachment between two people in a relationship is certainly essential in order to have a thriving relationship. Indeed, a healthy level of attachment is where two individuals want to be with one another, but their lives do not depend on the other person’s presence in it. That being said, in many cases, love in relationships can change into an unhealthy attachment, which can then lead to a lot of conflicts between partners if not properly addressed. On that premise, the following article presents ways that can help individuals address attachment issues head on with their partner in order to have a stronger and healthier relationship.

Improve the nonverbal communication skills
The success of adult relationships depends to a large extent on the nonverbal forms of communication. Nonverbal communication denotes wordless signals, such as the person’s gestures, postures, and eye contact, just to mention a few. This form of communication sends a lot of messages about how people feel when they interact with one another, without them being aware of it. That being said, an individual can help his or her partner with their attachment issues by helping them improve their nonverbal communication skills. The better they can interpret, read, and communicate in a nonverbal way, the deeper the relationships they have with other people will be.

Improve the partner’s emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize one’s emotions, understand them as well as manage them in ways that help improve communication between partners as well as resolve relationship issues in a healthy manner. That being said, helping the partner who has attachment issues understand his or her emotions will certainly allow them to express their own feelings and needs as well as those of his or her partner.

Developing relationships with securely attached people
It certainly helps to support, encourage, and constantly show love to the partner with attachment issues in order to let them build their sense of security. In addition to that, it is also imperative to help them build strong relationships with friends, which can also help them build new health patterns of behavior.

Seeking professional help
In addition to the steps mentioned above, sometimes it can be beneficial to get therapy with the help of a trained professional. A therapist or even a sexologist can certainly help the individual with attachment issues to identify patterns in his or her relationship, reconsider situations that he or she might have misunderstood as well as teach the partner how to manage their emotions and navigate conflicts in an effective way.

Dealing head on with a partner’s attachment issues is not a walk in the park, but it can certainly help them feel more secure in the relationship as well build a strong and healthy relationship that is free of conflicts.